Questions about cryptocurrency for beginners


It is profitable and safe to buy or sell bitcoins. The course of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. How to convert bitcoins into dollars? Get free bitcoins. Open bitcoin wallet. All these questions arise when there is a desire to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

The fact that cryptocurrency appears in everyday life indicates that it is the most profitable and convenient way to carry out both commercial and personal transactions on the Internet, investments, and remittances. Also, almost all users do not avoid the question of how to exchange Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency for traditional money and vice versa.

It is on these simple questions of exchange that the dirty affairs of modern scammers flourish. The task of fraudsters is to use the incompetence of users in order to seize funds. Complex bitcoin conversion schemes grow in proportion to its demand. Inventiveness scam knows no bounds. It is difficult for beginners and even rarely experienced people to assess risks. Therefore, our task is to be a profitable and reliable platform for everyone and everyone in this crucial matter.

First of all, you need to understand to exchange or buy of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be done in three ways, namely:

  1. Use the services of exchange offices.
  2. Through the stock exchange cryptocurrency.
  3. Make a deal with a private person.

Exchange offices

Every day the number of exchange offices increases. As a rule, online exchange services offer online cryptocurrency conversion services. Not all of the existing exchange offices in the network are honest and stable structures. However, although there are many pitfalls in the network have the resources that monitor exchangers. Such resources provide information about exchange rates, exchange fees and much other useful information..

But what if the exchange office you are interested in is not in the monitoring of exchangers?
You can check this information yourself through search engines. If in the search field enter the company name or address of the site, we will get the search engine output. Quite often, people who falled into the insidious network of fraudsters or unscrupulous exchangers, share their experiences and leave feedback. Thus, they warn others about the consequences of working with such fake exchangers. Also very useful are various thematic forums and articles by bloggers.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

There is a lot of information on the Internet about stock exchanges that sell cryptocurrencies. The principle of the exchange is a place where people exchange one cryptocurrency for another or for the main world currencies (dollar, euro, rubles, yuan, etc.).

Exchange conditionally divided into two types:

  • the first ones exchange bitcoin and basic cryptocurrencies for fiat money (usd, eur, rub). Usually these are large exchanges.
  • the second – on which it is possible to exchange only for Bitcoin. Here is the trade forks.

Some bitcoin forks can be sold or exchanged only on certain exchanges.

The difference between the exchange and the exchange office is not a fixed rate for the sale, purchase and exchange of currencies. And one more feature. Brokers or those who want to become traders usually trade on the stock exchanges. If you have not previously used the exchange for trading and do not plan to become a broker, then clearly in the first stage you will have difficulty in making effective decisions.

Exchange with private person

Often, users exchange among themselves, doing without exchanges and exchange offices cryptocurrency. At the same time use the help of individuals. To do this, you need to find an online exchange offer in the right direction for you. After that, you need to understand what ways should scammers be identified? And so more about that!

Checking the contacts of the user who offers the exchange. Contacts must be public and relevant. The level of decency of your potential partner, at least, you will immediately see in the reviews on the thematic sites. It is definitely not enough to rely only on this data. However, these data are already a good criterion, which narrows the circle of fraudsters in your favor.

The most reliable way when choosing a private person for conducting a cryptocurrency exchange, in our opinion, is the recommendations of friends or acquaintances. A prerequisite of course will be the successful experience of the transaction from your “predecessors”. And also, if possible, ask them about the direction of the exchange, the amount of the transaction and the deadlines.

Also remember! Very often, fraudsters are young people with often not competent speech and a lame grammar in writing.

One more thing! Do not let the rush you.

Exchange and collaborate with reliable services and individuals with a good reputation.
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